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Maitreya’s Healing Work at the Living Waters Truth Centre in Glastonbury has a very integrational and Spiritually inter-dimensional holistic approach to it. All Healing therapies are done with the guidance and occasionally direct intervention of ‘High Spirit Angelic Operatives and Spirit Doctors in the Heavenly Realms of Light’ both ‘Spiritually’ and Physically. Treatments can be done as a ‘hands on’ approach or ‘absently’ when the patient is unable to attend in person. Healing treatments can also be done singly or in group Healing Ceremonies.

Complementary/Alternative/Integrative Therapies available include:

Spiritual Mediumship, Trance & Transfiguration Work

Spiritual Counselling& Guidance

Astrogenic Solar Relaxation & Meditation

Retreats to Feed the ‘Inner Being & Soul’

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